MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: What today’s young agricultural leaders need to meet tomorrow’s SDG challenges?

The delegate Poorva Andsya from ETG Farmers Foundation opened the side event by asking a question: “How can we make the right food security system in Africa?” She underlined that the youth have high hopes they will go to university, they do have ambitions, but still they do not have a clue what to do[…]

MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Market Development for nutrition

The side event had the purpose to show the best practices and policies to develop food systems for improved nutrition at scale. The debated started focusing on the question: How can food market be developed to accelerate the food system and nutrition at large scale? The nexus of agriculture and market have to come together.[…]

MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Contributing to sustaining peace and conflict prevention: perspectives from agriculture, food security and nutrition

The event was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands, the Quaker UN Office and the World Food Programme. The Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. Hans Hoogeveen, started the event stressing that nowadays many people live in hunger. Nonetheless, we throw away about one third of[…]