International Simulations & Events

Despite being founded in 2014, MUN Academy may rely on over ten years of experience in organising international simulations and events for young professionals, undegraduate and graduate students. MUN Academy organises several types of international simulations and events for young participants. Each simulation type has a specific declination and varies each year a great deal: from the Security Council to the Committee on World Food Security as well as many other Councils and bodies withing the main existing international organizations.

Trainings, Courses and Seminars

MUN Academy organises training sessions, courses and seminars on various topics and tackling various contemporary issues. Each course, training or seminar is usually organised in partnership with other institutions and in collaboration with other associations, in most cases. MUN Academy's learning offer aims at improving collective and individual skills, debating over relevant contemporary items on the international agenda and providing all the necessary tools to pursue your professional objectives.

Youth Engagement & Involvement

Acquiring all the necessary skills to succeed is one side of everybody's learning experience: MUN Academy places great relevance to practical education and, thus, works also as a hub to find job opportunities and offers some unique experiences in event management, participation to international conferences in the United Nations, communication and many other fields. MUN Academy works in close collaboration with its partners and universities to broaden its offer also in terms of internships, project posts and similar opportunitities.


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