MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Global Hearing of the Landless

The event was organized by the CSM Constituency of the Landless, formed by Landless Movements from all continents.

The first speaker, Amira Gornass, chair of the Committee on World Food Security, highlighted that hunger is dramatically on the rise and sustainable agriculture, food security, and rural development can be the concrete and effective solutions to reduce extreme poverty, but they are not sufficient. The CFS and the international community absolutely need to address the root causes of the problem such as landlessness. The central role of land as well as proper land reforms for the sustainable development and the fight for malnutrition have to be stressed. Millions of farmers do not own any land and the committee is entrusted with the big responsibility to cooperatively find a policy solution to make sure that the voices of the landless can be heard loud and clear.

In the debate, it emerged that there are a lot of policies that still stand behind the increase of landless, as well as numerous violations of human rights around the world, towards which the international community takes no action.  The CSM started to activate landless constituencies with the aim of spreading awareness among the landless about their conditions and rights, creating voluntary guidelines and delivering laws and initiatives.

Furthermore, Roda Gueta, co-coordinator of the CSM landless constituency of the Asian Peasant Coalition, expressed the on-going presence of colonial and feudalist oppressions represented by land grabbing of large-scale mining companies often accompanied by violence and vicious violation of human rights. She restated firmly that the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without addressing the landless problem.

Later on, Salete Carolo, from the movement of landless of Brasil said “Land, water and energy are not merchandise”.This woman firmly believes in the massive distribution and democratization of land because land has a social function: producing food. Only 1% of the society owns the 46% of all the land, specifically big international corporations. For this reason, she highlitghted the fact that land should belong to the ones who work it, not to the ones who want to make profit from it. Her laborers’ movement is aimed at occupying lands that are unproductive, perpetrating an agricultural reform and a transformation of society, and she really encourages the national and international community to join this popular fight.

Often, the history of colonialism and absence of specific land use policies and rights have caused numerous conflicts in less developed countries. Women, especially, even representing a big part of the working force, are never being recognized the right of land.

The conference ended with a famous quote of Ghandi, which says: “ Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s, needs but not every man’s greed”.

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