MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Counting the Beans – Affording a healthy diet and nutritious food

The aim of the side event was to provide country-level analysis to fill the nutrient gap.

The first speaker was from Madagascar and highlighted the need to combat malnutrition in the country. Former nutritional policies and the national plan for nutrition were developed on the basis of recommendations and were focused on the health sector with a nutrition-focus approach.

The regional approach was able to come up with recommendations. The nutritional policy was therefore updated and such multi-sectoral approach was a benefit.

From the specific analysis, nutrition diets are very costly in some regions in Madagascar and people cannot afford to make them even if the whole country has lots of natural ingredients at its disposal.

Improving nutrition outcomes requires a combination of interventions. The need for a combined approach is therefore crucial to deliver nutritional diets.

For what concerns Pakistan, the speaker pointed out the importance of the agricultural sector of the country, therefore filling the nutrient gap is a real concern for Pakistan, which is trying to reach solutions for the long-term.

Pakistan is using a bottom-up approach, to gather the findings and analyze them.

It was found that there is a great barrier to achieve a nutritious diet, and malnutrition in infants and children is a big concern. Priority is given to certain areas of Pakistan which need to be targeted rapidly, especially for what concerns wheat flour fortification.

At the moment, the government of Pakistan is working on a feasibility document to address the issue of nutritious food.

During the event, Katarzyna Dembska, Researcher at Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition Foundation, highlighted the importance of a good food distribution in all regions of the world. She further claimed that food waste is the biggest missed opportunity to feed those who are hungry.




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