MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Tackling the challenges of climate change and food security: the role of farmers as stewards of the environment

Organizers: World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Global Research Alliance (GRA), International Fertilisers Industry Association (IFA), Government of Canada and Government of New Zealand. Marco Marzano, Secretary General of the WFO opened the debate by saying that the role of farmers in the context of climate change is critical because they are the ones who face the[…]

MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: How cross-sectoral partnerships help smallholders deliver a more food secure future

The event was a multi-stakeholder discussion to determine which partnership models work and where challenges remain. Dr. Tin Htut, Minister of Agriculture of Myanmar, said it is not important to donate assets, it is important to teach how to deal and work with the assets present in a territory. The problem is that there is[…]

MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Counting the Beans – Affording a healthy diet and nutritious food

The aim of the side event was to provide country-level analysis to fill the nutrient gap. The first speaker was from Madagascar and highlighted the need to combat malnutrition in the country. Former nutritional policies and the national plan for nutrition were developed on the basis of recommendations and were focused on the health sector[…]

MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Unravelling the food-health nexus

  “Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing Practices, Political Economy, and Power Relations to Build Healthier Food Systems” is a report (that continues the research of the prior “Future of food: seeds of resilience”) commissioned from IPES-Food by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. The key point of the report is to analyse a serious[…]