MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Rural youth employment and entrepreneurship for food and nutrition security

The first speaker was Halatou Dem, Director General of Danaya Cereales, a cereal transformation unit in Bamako, Mali. Her focus was on the fact that rural areas need resources such as water, internet, infrastructure to give people the possibility to live with dignity. With these resources, rural youth will not have the necessity to leave their areas to work somewhere else. They will have the possibility to have savings and credits and they will be able to create business through sustainable agriculture.
Stefan Schimtz and Medellin Ondin, representing the European Union, talked about turning the donor/recipient relationship into a real partnership through reforms whose aims are the prosperity of rural economies through entrepreneurship and technical skills especially for women and youth. They also talked about rural development, the need of feeding the planet and protecting the environment. These are all primary focus points for the EU, together with the External Investment Plan, the investment on youth employment, and the need of informal, local, and small scale agricultural activity to turn into formal, regional or global, and high scale agriculture.

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