MUN Academy attended CFS 44 side event: Market Development for nutrition

The side event had the purpose to show the best practices and policies to develop food systems for improved nutrition at scale. The debated started focusing on the question: How can food market be developed to accelerate the food system and nutrition at large scale? The nexus of agriculture and market have to come together. Nevertheless, it only works if there are sufficient incentives for consumers to buy more nutrient content food. Therefore, how do we create demand for nutrient rich food, so that consumers can start having a balanced diet, and at the same time, how can we minimize the losses in the value chain?
The rapid urbanization process has created a lot of change to which the value chain has to adapt. Therefore, there is a need of collaborative process between governments, civil society and private sector.
In the side event it was highlighted the need to know real practices, as a matter of fact, the panelists tried to focus on some experiences from Rwanda and Uganda in order to have some recommendations to understand which buttons we have to push.
In Uganda, agriculture, diet and nutrition are linked. Malnutrition has been identified as a binding point and there is the need to focus not only on production but on production and what happens in between. The government must focus on the engagement between Private Sector, Civil Society and academies. Moreover the government has to combat malnutrition and food insecurity by stimulating production.
The debate then focused on how we can incentivize actors within the market. There are many ways to impact on the demand: increasing the production, maximize the production of a small piece of land, through new technology. Rules and regulations will also impact both producer and consumers, indeed, the linkages between producers and consumers is needed. An example of it is ISOCO (using internet to get information on the market by inserting the name of the product and the location to get the price of the product in that location). Also Civil Society Organizations have a role in changing the market and incentivizing actors in the markets.

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