MUN Academy is a rome-based network for young people to get involved in international activities and events, to develop professional and personal skills and to broaden youth participation in different fora.

Main Projects and Activity Areas

MUN Academy is actively engaging universities, associations and international, national and local institutions to provide young people with unique opportunities of individual and professional growth by organising international events, courses, seminars, training sessions and much more. Click below to discover more.
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International Events

MUN Academy is organising several international events with the most prestigious institutions in Rome where hundreds of students and young professionals gather to probe the depths of negotiating over crucial topics.

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Seminars and Courses

MUN Academy offers high-quality practical seminars and courses to improve your skill set, especially in terms of negotiating, debating, coordinating with a team of peers and your ability to work in an international environment.

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Youth Involvement

MUN Academy is proud to be the only youth association providing its members with a concrete chance to join international debates under its supervision and coordination to intervene in real UN committees.

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Work Opportunities

MUN Academy is an open family, ready to welcome any willing and dedicated young individual who is willing to contribute to its cause. MUN Academy offers internships and other job opportunities, if you are up for the challenge.

It's all about improvement

MUN Academy is an occasion to employ your knowledge, test your boundaries and acquire new skills
Your chance to experience something new is at hand

MUN Academy was founded in 2014 by young professionals and graduate students with a clear vision of providing practical education to younger generations. It is a shared projects that has evolved a lot since its creation thanks to the the sincere and dedicated contribution of many, from other university students to ambassadors working at the United Nations. MUN Academy strives for excellency, keeping in mind the Principles of the Charter of the United Nations as well as the many differences each of us has. In MUN Academy, there is a firm and resolute commitment to resolve any issue peacefully and with mutual respect: that is why its achievements are numerous and widely recognised. Attend one of its events to understand why MUN Academy is successful.

  • MUN Academy believes in improvement through committing to what we wish to achieve and accomplish.

  • Once the goal is set, one must dedicate to it fully and with no hesitation to achieve the expected results.

  • Nobody is alone in MUN Academy: each member may always count on the others' support to achieve.

  • MUN Academy fosters creativity and spirit of initiative in all its members on all its related subjects.

Open Working Group


This Open Working Group was established in May 2015 and has has the purpose to facilitate youth participation to the Committee on World Food Security of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Since its establishment, it has facilitated the participation to CFS negotiations and plenary sessions of both undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world and has established a solid presence within the Civil Society Mechanism. This Working Group is open to both university students and young professionals who wish to get involved in the ongoing discussions on Food Security and Nutrition globally.

Model United Nations


This Model United Nations is hosted by the American University of Rome and aims at high-quality debates. For this reason, the seats for this special Model UN are extremely limited. Nevertheless, Eternal MUN - or EMUN - is a challenging learning experience that provides in-depth discussions on high-priority items on the international agenda. EMUN is a rare occasion to experience a truly international environment in the heart of the eternal city, Rome. In addition, EMUN is always hosting high-level internationa speakers from the many international institutions that Rome hosts, hence it is the perfect chance to ask questions regarding the current international issues at hand.

Model European Union


 MUN Academy has started a project to promote the EU principles and values amongst universities. Rome Model European Union (RoMEU) offers its participants to debate and negotiate simulating one of the EU institutions right in the city where the European journey started. RoMEU is a unique type of simulation because it can be easily organised within your university with MUN Academy support and coordination. RoMEU wishes to offer not just a simple simulation experience but also a learning opportunity within university courses to practice soft skills not  taught in any programme very often. Contact MUN Academy to discuss more in details on how you can bring RoMEU in your class.

Local Youth Participation


Locally based for definition, the Youth Council of the Metropolitan City of Rome is a consultative body joining all other similar bodies in the Metropolitan Area of Rome as well as associations composed primarily by young members or that have a youth section within their structure. The Youth Council's legitimacy derives from the Italian Constitution and serves as coordination and information hub on local policies, aiming at taking into consideration youth's opinion on all policies. MUN Academy is strongly committed to actively participate to the workings of this Council, this providing another occasion for young people to influcence and express their opinions on matters of their interest.

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